For the next 48 hours gamers will be able to experience one of the classic, genre-shaping RPGs from the Golden Era of gaming, for free. That's right, CD Projekt Red has announced that Fallout is available right now for free on Good Old Games.

The news comes courtesy of DSO Gaming who picked up on the announcement that happened during a CD Projekt conference. Basically, the company's subsidiary, Good Old Games or GOG, will be allowing users to freely download the full version of Fallout right now for the next two days for free.

For those of you who don't know, Fallout was the spiritual successor to Wasteland. The idea behind Fallout was to enable gamers to experience a choice-driven, post-apocalyptic world where alliances could be made and broken and survival was a key element to the story. The game sported isometric graphics and could be considered very similar to Baldur's Gate save for the ability to use "futuristic" weaponry and the combat was turn-based instead of in real-time.

You can pick up your digital copy of Fallout right now for only $0.00, all you need is a user account and the patience to wait for the half-gig game to download. Head on over to right now to cash-in on the promotion.

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