You can never get enough indie game bundles, right? We’re talking loads of games, extra goodies and charity, all for as little as two dollars. The most recent offering is called The Capsule Computers Indie Bundle, it’s live for the next 14 days, and it offers 11 games for less money than a Whopper.

Bundle In a Box and Capsule have partnered up for this latest celebration of indie goodness, offering the Capsule Computers Indie Bundle at a “pay what you want” price point, so long as your beginning price is at least $1.99.

On offer are 11 games, DRM-free, with most games also available on Desura and/or Steam. So long as you fork over at least two bucks, you’ll net yourself a copy of the following 11 games: Super Tower Rush, Hacker Evolution Untold, Pixelry, all four Blackwell games including Legacy, Unbound, Convergence and Deception, Hamlet, Hacker Evolution, Hacker Evolution Duality and Secret of the Magic Crystals, or, as some of you may know it, the “magical sparkle-pony game.”

While you only need to pay $2 to get in on all this indie action, you might also consider forking over a bit more dough. Five percent of all revenues will be shared with the Australian Red Cross, so the more you pay, the more they’ll receive. Every 100 bundles sold will also equate to $15 going to an Indie Dev Grant where the community will get to vote on the recipient.

And how’s about them extra goodies? Every 1,000 bundles sold will unlock additional treats for all purchasers, including artwork for Hamlet, the Super Tower Rush soundtrack, the Pixelry and music from Secret of the Magic Crystals.

Finally, the three top purchasers will also receive a special League of Legends prize pack containing a specially branded Razer Goliathus Razer Naga Hex Mouse and Mouse Pad.

Ready to part ways with some cash? Then head on over to the Capsule Computers Indie Bundle website to read up on the available games and plop down some cash.

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