Reef Entertainment's point-and-click adventure game, Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle, has officially arrived on Steam's Greenlight portal, which means that in order for the game to be added to the Steam Store, gamers will have to upvote the game into the top of the pack.

The game follows Morgane Castillo, as she grows up from a little girl to become a captain of the Caribbean. The game is written by the same mind behind the highly popular adventure title, Broken Sword. So gamers will have a very familiar story tone with Captain Morgane. You can get a glimpse at the game and the characters in the trailer below.

There are five different islands to explore and adventure about, full 1080p HD graphics, 50 different locations, 40 different characters, six mini-games, and more than 12 hours of gameplay.

Originally, Captain Morgane had been announced earlier in the year, so it's good to see the game making headway and progress in the development area. The title is scheduled to release in 2013 so I assume that the title will become available on Steam's store after the next batch of games get the greenlight from Valve.

You can upvote the title or learn more by visiting the official Greenlight page.

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