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Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow - Mirror of Fate won't be arriving on the 3DS for a very long time. However, Konami offered us a consolation prize this week: the final box art for the 3D action game.

Mirror of Fate serves as a bridge between console games Lords of Shadow and Lords of Shadow 2. It begins 26 years after the first Lords. Trevor Belmont heads to Dracula's castle to defeat him. Players will also get to control Simon Belmont, Alucard and Dracula himself. Doesn't look like Simon made the cut for the cover, though.

Unlike previous handheld installments of the series, Mirror isn't a "Metroidvania"-style sidescroller. The gameplay is closer to the 3D, third-person hack-and-slash action of Lords of Shadow. This shouldn't come as a shock, considering that Lords studio MercurySteam is handling this game as well.

Konami announced at Gamescom that Mirror has been pushed to early 2013. The company said that they need the extra development time to ensure that the game is "a handheld title unlike any other."

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