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Kickstarter campaigns are nothing to scoff at. Not everyone's game gets Kickstarted and not every project deserves your attention. But what about games that do deserve your attention and games that do require more than just a glance between two blinks and click-through toward the next website? Well, those games sometimes have to fall and then get back up and then show you some muscles that will entice your entertainment bone.

Ekuator Games, an Indonesian based studio, has decided to revamp and come back to the Kickstarter space after narrowly missing their campaign the first time around with Celestian Tales.

The Kickstarter video is short and straight to the point. It's a promotional pitch that shows gamers exactly what they're in for. There's no begging or pleading and no promise basked in tech demos showcasing ideas that are about half a decade away. It's just pure gameplay and gameplay concepts exercised in a visually appealing manner.

We get to see what the team wants to show and how the game aims to play, as well as a little bit of the combat mechanics involved. I like what I see.

I really do miss the old-school games that managed to tell interesting stories with captivating visual art-styles. The good old days when Squaresoft was legit and Sega was rocking some interesting concepts in the original Phantasy Star saga.

It's good to see that we're getting back to the basics with a lot of independent developers, taking the route of the old and fine tuning it with new-school technology.

Ekuator Games really has a sound looking concept in Celestian Tales, and I'm seriously hoping they can find a way to get the game to hit its Kickstarter goal in order to become a reality.

The turn-based combat looks smooth and intuitive and the sprite designs and hand-painted backdrops are gorgeous.

Toss in a throwback soundtrack steeped in classical fantasy themes that mirrors the works of Hiroki Kikuta, Motoi Sakuraba and Yasunori Mitsuda, and you have yourself a potential instant-classic in the making.

Sadly, the game won't be coming to the PS4 and Wii U due to support for developers in their country not being made available just yet. Hopefully, if the game gets Kickstarted and drums up enough interest within the community, both Sony and Nintendo will show some interest in the project.

If you want to see Celestian Tales become a reality, be sure to check out the game over on the official Kickstarter page. They still have a month to go and they're well over the half-way mark, so it's definitely doable this time around.

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