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Many a child of the 70s and 80s remembers a simpler time in the world of gaming. A time when beeps and boops were the only soundtrack a game needed and, so long as the critters running around the screen actually looked a little bit like invading bug monsters from outer space, the graphics were considered A-OK. Atari will be revisiting that era of gameplay with the recently announced Centipede: Origins, though likely will a heck of a lot more bells and whistles than the original arcade hit.

Releasing for iDevices and Android products, Centipede: Origins puts the player in the shoes of a noble gnome, struggling to protect his garden from an invading insect force. Players will have access to all sorts of weapons and gadgets this time around, such as grenades and a horde of fighting mushroom men. In-game currency can be picked up on the battlefield to upgrade weapons, or you could spend a few more of your own dollars to speed up the process.

Centipede:Origins comes with four unlockable environments and boasts a full assortment of achievements to unlock. You can also check out how your best score is doing on the in-game leaderboards and post your biggest accomplishments via Twitter or facebook.

You can pick up Centipede: Origins for $0.99 on iOS by clicking right here, or on Android by clicking right here.

You want more information? Well, we’ve GOT more information. Well “we” don’t, exactly. But the folks over at Atari sure do.

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