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The Nighthawk update for Champions Online is now live. In addition to providing new story content for the super hero MMORPG, this particular also introduces a new vehicle system.

Nighthawk is basically the Batman equivalent in Champions lore. The masked vigilante has been framed by an evil corporation. He needs players' help to clear his name and also help clean up the streets. In the process, players will earn access to a number of Hawkwing-themed powers involving stealth and gadgetry.

The new adventures will also involve a bit of jet flying. The Hawkwing jets, flyable in outdoor maps, are both speedy and heavily armed. Players will get a daily chance to earn their own jet, in addition to gadgets and Hawkwing costume pieces.

To take a look at the new jets and hear Hawkwing's Clint Eastwood impersonation, check out the trailer below.