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A new 12 minute gameplay video has been released for XCOM 2 featuring a look at the game's mobile base and how players can micromanage the different compartments to increase efficiency and upgrading the base to turn it into a flying Rambo rendition of the Titanic.

The new gameplay video for XCOM 2 is very extensive. Gamespot spotted the new video and it's well worth a look. Check it out below.

The new and improved base in XCOM 2 is a huge improvement over the first game. You can use the engineering to upgrade and research weapons and ammo. Also the research facilities are just like in the old games where you can learn more about alien technology and advancing new tech to use in the fight against the aliens.

The improved soldier quarters let you upgrade and train your troops, and the armory is extremely impressive. The updated armory offers a very in-depth customization feature for each soldier in the game. You can change everything from the character's armor to their personality, to their name, stats, facial hair and even their tattoos. You can outfit each character with a specialized loadout in the exact way that you want, just like in the older Micropose games.

The one thing that also really impressed me is that you can even customize the weapons that the soldiers use, outfitting them with gear that not only is powerful but also happens to have a unique look as well. The weapon liveries are just such a nice touch to this newest XCOM title.

Gamers also complained about the lack of a proper Geoscape in the XCOM reboot. Well, the Geoscape meta-game in this sequel is very extensive. You can do quite a bit now from the Geoscape, including traveling to different regions, establishing satellites to survey the areas, attempt to retrieve resources from areas where intelligence has been gathered, and even plan your next phase of attack. In addition to this, planning attacks is no longer just a one-click stop. You actually get to choose multiple ways of addressing conflicts instead of being automatically assigned to them. It's very extensive.

I know I complained about the lack of micromanagement in the original reboot of XCOM but seeing how much more of those micromanagement aspects Firaxis added to XCOM 2 makes me giddy with delight. This is the kind of XCOM game that I've been waiting to play since X-Com Apocalypse.

Firaxis' newest turn-based strategy game is set for release this November for PC. A home console version hasn't been ruled out but the game is focused primarily for PC first and foremost. Based on all the cool stuff we've seen so far, it looks like this game is shaping up to be a day-one buy for XCOM fans.

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