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ChangYou's upcoming next-generation MMORPG, Code X7, is doing something little bit different: the graphics will help influence the gameplay. New details have emerged regarding the game, the engine and the graphics.

According to MMO Site, Code X7 is running on the DarkFire Game Engine and can simulate the effects of retina overexposure. The game will supposedly encompass "in-game virtual HMD", and the engine enables the game to create real-world visual imparities, such as staring at the in-game sun for too long will cause you to go slightly blind.

The game will also have fully detailed artificial structures and natural light sources, enabling a slightly more realistic approach to environmental interactivity.

While this all sounds really cool, the one thing I want to know about is the actual gameplay? So far there's no details on exactly how the game is played or what type of MMO it will be, however, with ChangYou behind the project (the same people behind the upcoming next-gen MMO, God Slayer and Renaissance Heroes), it will be interesting to see what they make of it.

I've never heard of the DarkFire Game Engine before today but if it can do what the article says it can do and do it well, it might be the dark-horse middleware solution that could help change the face of MMO games.

We'll keep you posted on any additional details and news regarding ChangYou's next-gen MMO. You can visit MMO Site to check out a few of the images of the game and engine at work.

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