Relic Entertainment has released a cinematic trailer for real-time strategy Company of Heroes 2. The trailer confirms my suspicions that serving in the Russian Army in World War 2 must have sucked.

The campaign takes players through key battles in the Eastern campaign. It begins with Operation Barbarossa, Germany's invasion of the Soviet Union. It concludes with Russia turning the tide and ultimately taking over Berlin. As was the case in the real WW2, cold weather conditions will play a key role in these battles.

Relic presents the campaign as a series of flashbacks. Lev Abramovich Isakovich, a Soviet Army lieutenant, is imprisoned at a gulag years after the conclusion of WW2. He narrates the various battles of the Eastern Front during an interrogation by an Army officer. The historical outcome of the Eastern Front is already known, so the story of Isakovich and the reason for his imprisonment should provide players with some needed mystery.

CoH2 is currently in beta. The full game will launch on June 25th worldwide.

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