With the summer drawing to a close, winter is the last thing anyone wants to be reminded of. However, Relic Entertainment has released a set of screenshots from Company of Heroes 2 that you'll feel compelled to peruse anyway.

CoH2 depicts the Eastern Front of World War 2. It begins with Nazi Germany invading the Soviet Union and ends with Soviet troops capturing Berlin. Finally, a game that lets you kill Nazis!

Relic is using their Essence 3.0 Engine for CoH2. It's an updated version of the technology used for the first game. Destructible environments, weather effects and improved fidelity are among the hyped features of this engine. You can't see much of the first two features in these shots but the graphics are clearly much cleaner than they were in the original CoH.

Company of Heroes 2 will hit the PC in 2013. Relic and publisher THQ promise it will be followed by extensive DLC.

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