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The long-running, action-oriented, hack-and-slash MMO Conqueror Online has recently been updated with a brand new expansion pack called Invasion of Pirates. The new update adds brand new content, quests, items and accessories to the game.

In addition to all the standard new content added to the expansion, a new character pirate class was also tossed in, giving players a little bit of something new to play with. As stated in the press release...
The new Pirate class not only introduces modern gunplay to the traditional Chinese combat between ninjas, monks and Taoists, but it also brings an entirely new playstyle to the experience. Players will need every bit of firepower they can get, as bands of these nasty pirates begin to arrive upon a newly discovered island in search of a dark and mysterious treasure. It will be up to players to ensure that these pirates do not succeed in their mission!

What's more is that NetDragon has opened up additional servers to handle the load of new players joining in on the action, and for all their players on any server a new $3,500 contest has gone underway with all sorts of prizes and goodies to be won.

Conqueror Online is one of the longest running free-to-play MMOs out there, having started out way back in 2003 and still running strong to this day. You can learn more about Conqueror Online as well as the new contest and pirate content by paying a visit to the Official Website.