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Continent of the Ninth Seal, oftentimes referred to as C9, has been hailed as the free-to-play action-RPG MMO fans should keep an eye on. It's a mix of Vindictus and Guild Wars 2 and offers gamers a robust create a character with tons of real-time action.

Most free-to-play MMOs are terrible. Let's not beat around the bush; they're cheesy and bland and have all the same features and functionalities as the next MMO over and most times free-to-play titles are clones of World of Warcraft. Well, C9 aims to bring the action from Vindictus into a large believable world like Guild Wars, all the while enabling players to customize their character to their playing experience.

I especially love action-MMORPGs because the triumvirate of healer, DPS, tank aren't entirely guaranteed as necessary for a team or party. Instead, action-MMOs focus on player skills, maneuverability and the quick-wits of the player. You have to learn the patterns of the boss and adjust your play-style on the fly, creating a more console-oriented experience as opposed to the typical click-and-grind quest-fetch routine found in most MMO clones.

You can download a copy of Continent of the Ninth Seal from Webzen right now. The price of entry? Nada. The cost of playing? Zip. Monthly pay-to-win fee? Nil. So what's stopping you from playing the game? Zilch. Feel free to download the game or learn more by paying a visit to the Official C9 Website.

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