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High-end gaming peripheral maker Corsair, has joined forces with one of the top teams in the eSports arena for League of Legends, Team SoloMid. Putting controversy and tournament politics aside, both SoloMid and Corsair are working hand-in-hand, with Corsair providing the team with everything from gaming keyboards and mice, to power supplies and cases.

Ruben Mookerjee, VP and General Manager of the Peripherals Business Unit at Corsair commented in the press release about the partnership, saying...
"The guys in Team SoloMid are extraordinarily skilled players that generate excitement and connect with fans around the world,” ..."They rose to dominance through their total dedication to improving their gameplay. We are honored that they've chosen our products to take their skills to the next level.”

The eSports world of competitive gaming has really taken off in the last couple of years, especially with competitive games like StarCraft II and MOBA games like League of Legends leading the way. That's not to mention that eSports has also become an extremely lucrative outlet that Corsair is using to an advantage to promote and market their gaming gear, no different than with sponsors plastering tags all over a NASCAR.

Captain of Team SoloMid, Andy ‘Reginald’ Dinh, shared some comments as well, mentioning...
"We train constantly and leave our PCs running and ready to go, so stability and speed are really important to us. We've been using Corsair hardware in our Origin gaming PCs since last season and performance has been absolutely flawless."

That's a very important thing, too, being able to use high-performance gear in training to rival what you'll be using in the actual tournament. Response timing and split-second decision making is absolutely key.

This shameless plug for Corsair doesn't go without some benefits, though, you can check out the exact kind of gear that Team SoloMid is rocking with a list below, so you'll be able to beef up your own rig and compete on equal footing with the third-best League of Legends team in the entire world.

Team SoloMid will head back into action for their next bout starting March 15th. You can check out a list of their Corsair gear below or visit the Official Website to learn more.

Team SoloMid's current Corsair gear:

Keyboards: Vengeance K60 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Mice: Vengeance M65, M95, and Raptor
PC cases: Obsidian Series 650D
Power supplies: TX Series
CPU cooling: Hydro Series Liquid CPU coolers
PC cooling: Air Series case fans