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CyberStep announced that their free-to-play robot-mech MMO third-person shooter, CosmicBreak, will be entering the final beta later this month and will be available at the end of December. In addition to announcing the release date for CosmicBreak, CyberStep also announced that a free-to-play browser-version of the game will also be made available called CosmicCommander.

As stated in the news alert…
A new version of the CosmicBreak game client will be released on Dec. 13th, three days before the Final Beta Test begins. This client will feature a brand new Single Player Mode, which will allow new players to get a taste of the game before the servers go online.

The game actually seems to combine the likes of an anime-styled Virtual-On: Cybertroopers with Armored Core. Surprisingly enough, we actually don’t get a lot of cyber-mech games, so this news is kind of a breath of fresh air from all the medieval fantasy games.

You can check out some screenshots of the game below. And those looking to partake in the final beta phase, which starts December 16th, can register to do so now. Everyone else who can wait for the official game to go live only need to wait until December 23rd. To learn more about this free-to-play, third-person shooting MMOG, feel free to visit the Official Website.

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