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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players have a new weapon at their disposal: the ban hammer. The new Overwatch feature allows the player base to punish troublemakers in the multiplayer shooter's PC version.

If a player is constantly reported for bad behavior, their case will be sent to Overwatch. Experienced members of the community ("investigators") will be able to review replays of these players and determine whether they were guilty of griefing or cheating. If a guilty verdict is reached, the offender will be banned. The length of the ban depends on how severe the offense is and how many prior convictions the suspect has. If the investigators overwhelmingly vote for "Insufficient Evidence" verdicts or their votes are inconclusive, the case will be dismissed.

Valve will select members of the community to become investigators based on their activity level. A player is more likely to be chosen for Overwatch if they've logged many hours with the game, they've racked up a lot of wins and they're in a high Skill Group. They'll need to have a low report count as well. If they make accurate judgments on cases that coincide with the majority of other investigators' verdicts, they'll improve their Overwatch score and receive more cases to review.

CS:GO isn't the first game to let players punish each other. League of Legends features a Tribunal system that works similarly. I wonder if Valve will eventually implement a feature like LoL's Honor system to reward well-behaved players as well.

According to the official FAQ, the Overwatch feature is currently in beta. It will only issue a small number of cases for the time being. Furthermore, Valve will review all cases before any punishments are doled out. They'll make the system completely community-driven once they're confident it's reliable, though.

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