Counting Down The Sands In The Phantom Hourglass

Nothing empties out gamers’ wallets quite like a new Zelda title, and when Phantom Hourglass hits stores next week it’s doubtful that hole in your pocket will be getting any smaller. As the first Zelda title to hit the DS, there has already been a significant amount of hype over this title, mostly due to it’s unique stylus-driven control scheme…but how easily will gamers adapt to controlling little Link with the pen instead of the pad?

Spearheading the hype is the gameplay. Phantom Hourglass this isn’t going to be another one of those 2D overhead Zeldas that have dominated the portable market until now. Rather, Phantom Hourglass is sporting the same cell-shaded look taken from Wind Waker and, most importantly, is reputed to rely heavily on the use of the stylus and touch screen. How this is going to work still worries me, since I still have nightmares about an number of stylus-driven DS titles (Star Fox and Metroid come to mind), but everyone and their mother seem to agree that the touch screen controls work beautifully, and that I should stop being such a negative nancy. Here’s hoping this source is not merely the product of the initial deluge of OMGWTFBBQ Zelda fanboy hype. Seeing as I really, really want to play a kickass Zelda title on the go.

We’ll be watching this title in the coming week for any kind of fanfare, which seems a little quieter than I’d expected. Nintendo didn’t seem to make a big deal out of Metroid Prime 3’s launch. Will they start hyping Zelda in the coming week? Stay tuned, or at least stay RSS fed!