Curious about what’s coming in the new Bleedout expansion pack for CrimeCraft? Well, Vogster released additional details on what gamers will be receiving in the comic book inspired content due out later this year.

Featuring artwork designed and illustrated by some of the industry’s leading artists, including Tim Bradstreet, Nathan Fox and Ben Templesmith, the Bleedout campaign expands on how gang warfare took over, how the economy was bled dry and how violence became the saving grace for survival.

Mike Kennedy, Senior Producer at Vogster Entertainment commented in the press release, saying…
"The key to most MMOs these days, particularly free-to-play titles, is committing to a regular schedule of post-release content. People want exciting new stuff, and will stick around if they know more cool stuff is just around the corner," …. "The MMO model offers the unique ability to continuously expand the brand while refreshing the audience with great new material. With an extended campaign of weekly episodes, we get to try something that hasn't been done before: create a weekly community 'water-cooler' event around fast-paced shooter action.”

I wasn’t the biggest fan of CrimeCraft when it first launched. However, I really have to say that the game has become far more appealing over the past year with tons of gameplay fixes and a lot of new enticing additions to the overall gameplay format and in-game content.

The list of new features are listed below for the upcoming Bleedout campaign. For more info be sure to visit the Official CrimeCraft Website.

Bleedout Features

• 10 episodes with multiple missions in each, approximately 2 1/2 hours of content each week
• All new art style for the lobbies
• Reputation system that will measure each player's infamy in Sunrise City
• Twice daily tournaments to cater to our growing worldwide player base
• Combat improvements (including adjustments to the female character hit box and melee attack animation)
• New premium clothing items and gear packs aimed at specialized characters
• New map (Belly Street, unlocked during the campaign)
• A host of minor improvements to game play.

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