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Cruise Around With Knight Rider's KITT in Grand Theft Auto

Modding for Grand Theft Auto V is moving along, almost at a snail's pace when it comes to reimplementing the kind of features that made GTA IV so popular on PC. While model importing is a long ways off, some modders still managed to get creative by building a Knight Rider mod featuring the cars from the 1980s television show and the one from the 2008 reboot.

The new mod for the game was highlighted by YouTuber taltigolt, who provided an eight-minute video of the mod.

There's a rather funny write-up about the nostalgia attached to this mod and the real life aspirations from writer Christopher Livingston at PC Gamer to have a talking, practically-invincible car as his sidekick.

As showcased in the video above, the GTA V mod allows for the car to self-drive as well as issue some voice responses.

The newer rendition of K.I.T.T., allows for some light transformation as you see early on in the video. Both cars can also utilize projectile weapons to clear out anyone in front of them, including using a hood-mounted chain-gun.

The other cool part about the mod is that you can defy gravity by hopping over other cars and tilting to the left or right to ride on two wheels.

Most impressive are the sounds. The inclusion of the voiceover and sound effects are pitch perfect in the mod. The original K.I.T.T., from the 1980s show is the more impressive of the two, in my own opinion but the newer version seems to have a few more gadgets made available. Additionally the newer version gets the red glow under the hood, something missing from the older car.

One of the main criticisms of the mod is that it doesn't feature the original K.I.T.T., model. It's true, the oscillating red LED on the front of the car is nowhere to be seen, and the design isn't quite accurate to the original Trans Am.

The main reason why the car isn't a 1:1 representation from the show is because modders haven't been able to crack the code to allow for model replacements. Unlike previous GTA titles Rockstar decided to heavily encrypt all the game's assets in GTA V, preventing modders from making any changes to the game. Nevertheless, the Russian team from OpenIV still managed to crack some aspects of the game with the help of .ASI script loaders.

At the moment, they're still trying to find ways to break into the game's files to swap models cleanly without the entire thing breaking. They're making headway with audio swaps, texture swaps and the ability to script in new events and scenarios. Thanks to the script mods we've seen neat multiplayer mods like LSPDFR make a return to form but even then true total conversion modding for GTA V is still a ways off.

If you like the K.I.T.T. mod for GTA V, you can grab a copy from the website.

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