Crusader Kings 2: Sons Of Abraham Brings Back That Old-Time Religion Today

Paradox Interactive has released Crusader Kings 2: Sons of Abraham today. Abraham, the fifth expansion for the PC grand strategy game, introduces hundreds of new religious events.

In Crusader Kings 2, players take control of a feudal realm and must guide it through the Middle Ages. They must fend off foreign enemies as well as disloyal courtiers or vassals. Above all, they must make sure that they have a successor so that their dynasty will live on through the centuries. Players can also go online and experience the Middle Ages in a 32-player free-for-all.

The base game centered around Christian lords. However, in Sons of Abraham, you can play from the perspective of Muslim or Jewish lords as well.

"Delve behind the scenes at the Vatican, playing Papal politics to get your bishops elected to the College of Cardinals reaping the benefits and hard cash from the man sat on The Chair of St. Peter," says Paradox of the new Abrahamic content. "Dispose with meddlesome family members, sending them to a Holy Order and eradicate them from the line of succession! Convert to Judaism to restore the High Priesthood and Kingdom of Israel or settle on which school of Islam to follow; the rationalist Mutazili or opposing Ashari. Be careful which you pick as the followers of the opposing school are not going to be happy! "

The expansion pack costs $9.99 to download. However, for the next week, Paradox is offering it at 10% off the usual price. You'll still need the $39.99 base game to play, though.

If you're really intent on spending money on Crusader Kings 2, note that three smaller DLC packs launched alongside Abraham today. The Military Orders Unit Pack provides new models for military units from Christian Holy Orders. The Warriors of Faith Unit Pack includes graphics for non-Christian holy warriors such as the Aztec Eagle Warriors, Jomsvikings, and Zoastrian Immortals. Hymns of Abraham adds 15 minutes of new music to play while you're a character that belongs to an Abrahamic religion. Each of these small DLC packs are $1.99 apiece.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.