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A batch of new screenshots have surfaced showing off the power of the CryEngine 3, and two modders let loose their creative visions showing off how detailed and graphically powerful Crytek's latest engine is with in-engine props and scene creation.

DSO Gaming managed to nab a few of the screenshots depicting a couple of different and interesting scenarios. The most basic screens showcase a Nissan GTR in various positions and different angles, showcasing the CryEngine 3's moisture rendering and water particle effects, while the other screenshots, specifically with the frog, are more about the CryEngine 3's post-processing such as HDR and field of depth.

The following images are courtesy of modders Puppy and graphics art designer Mark Ranson. I can't quite say that the images are on par entirely with what modders such as Boris Vorontsov and Ice Laglace managed with GTA IV and the ENB mods, but the shots look good nonetheless. Is it possible that this could be the future of next-generation console visuals? Potentially, yes, but with Epic and Square pushing Microsoft and Sony to ramp up the specs of the Xbox 720 and PS4 it's pretty obvious that some developers want next-gen games to look even better than what the following images depict.

If you're interested in dabbling with some CryEngine tech, feel free to learn more about the engine as well as the free SDK by paying a visit to the Official CryEngine Website.

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