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A new teaser trailer was released for Crytek’s upcoming, first-person shooter that also happens to be powered by the CryEngine 3. Basically, the trailer is a setup for what gamers can expect, story-wise, from the free-to-play shooter.

Whenever you deal with a teaser trailer there’s always the word “unfortunate” and “but” to toss around because like with all teaser trailers there’s no actual gameplay footage. And, unfortunately with Warface there is no actual gameplay footage. Check it out below.

Kind of boring, eh? At least the ending sequence where the mercenaries are standing there looking all badass, the graphics look straight-up sweet. Is it an indication of what the actual game will look like? Maybe, maybe not. Until we get some more legitimate screenshots and gameplay footage we’ll just have to settle for the teasers Crytek has been releasing so far.

However, I’m hoping this will be like the shooter game version of devCat’s Vindictus, which is truly considered as a next-generation MMO. You can learn more about Warface or keep up-to-date on the latest news for the game by heading on over to the Official Website.

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