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Who doesn’t love Cthulhu? For those of you who wish to celebrate the ancient, tentacled on in all his glory, then you might be interested in the “Cthulhu Bundle,” a limited time offer made possible by a collaboration between Red Wasp Design, IndieGala and the Lovecraft eZine.

Nowadays, H.P. Lovecraft’s most infamous creation, Cthulhu, has made his way into just about every facet of pop culture. This is perhaps no better demonstrated than by the recently announced, and soon ending, Cthulhu Bundle, which offers a game, an advent calendar, a soundtrack and a collection of digital magazines all focused on the ancient one.

For the next five days, the Cthulhu Bundle is available as a pay what you want promotion. No matter what you pay, you’ll at least net yourself The Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land for Android, as well as a Cthulhu Christmas Advent Calendar for your Android device. Pay more than $3.99, however, and you’ll also get a copy of the game for PC, the game’s audio soundtrack, and issues one through nine of the 2011 “the Cthulhu Lovecraft eZine” for reading on your Nook or Kindle reader.

As an added bonus, the top five donors will receive one of a limited set of exclusive action figure tests made by Red Wasp Design of the “Dark Young Monster” from the game.

The advent calendar counts down the days to Christmas with a Lovecraftian twist while the game itself is a turn-based strategy rolepaying game set in the universe of the popular tabletop RPG.

To snag your own copy of the Cthulhu Bundle, head on over to the promotion’s official website.