Peter Molyneux and his gang at 22Cans are looking for beta testers for Curiosity: What’s Inside the Cube, an experimental game that pretty much tasks players with “digging” to the heart of a massive communal 3D cube. Only one player will actually break through to the end, witnessing a conclusion that will only be shown a single time. Crazy, right?

Before the game goes live, 22Cans would like to recruit a few folks to make sure the game functions properly. You can sign up on the game’s Facebook page, which asks for your name, location, which iDevice you will be playing on, and a brief description of why you are “curious” to play Curiosity.

Molyneux is known for his radical thinking and bizarre ideas within the realm of video games, but even this social experiment of sorts seems a bit too out there for the mad scientist. It’s clear that Curiosity is less interested in gameplay than it is what type of effect the simple emotion will have on the masses. Players can pay for an item to dig faster, for instance, but even that won’t guarantee reaching the ultimate prize before anyone else. It’s a sneaky way to delve into the human psyche, all while making a nice little profit, if things go well for 22Cans.

I have to admit that I am in fact curious to see where this all goes. What will the gameplay be like? How many straight hours will people be willing to pour into this game, all in the name of seeing a super duper top secret cutscene nobody else will get to witness? How much money is the world willing to spend to have their emotions/minds toyed with? I’m looking forward to getting my answers when the “game” releases later this year.

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