A new indie mech game has surfaced on Steam's Greenlight, featuring a third-person persistent online environment where gamers can compete, customize their mech and level-up in intense PVP atmosphere.

To be an indie title it looks surprisingly polished. It's the next step up in the evolution of design from the IGF finalist Dark Horizons: Lore by Max Gaming.

You can check out Dark Horizons in action with the trailer below.

It's obviously not the best thing out there, but it has a ton of potential. It looks like it might be a nice cross between Mechwarrior Online and Hawken, insofar that it's not quite as fast-paced as Hawken but it's not quite as simulation oriented as Mechwarrior Online. This gives gamers a nice balance of arcade and simulation style gameplay wrapped up in one package.

Right now the game is still undergoing closed beta testing, but the final thing will sport 32-player matches, persistent mechs with leveling, customizable weapon loadouts and guilds.

If you'd like to see this game make the jump from a contender vying for attention to an actual game available via Steam's store with full support, be sure to give Dark Horizons an upvote on their Official Greenlight Page.

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