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Dark Souls 2 is a game of mistakes, death and degradation. The game's Steam Reviews show that the action RPG's punishing difficulty hasn't hurt their sense of humor, though.

Here are a few of the best reviews. Notice a pattern?

I've never had a girlfriend but I've had Dark Souls 2, and that's a good thing

Died to a lady with a small wooden spoon

Got killed by the title screen falling on me

See those dogs following you? You'll die

Hardest game ever made. The controller broke itself to save me

Not all of the 3,000+ Steam Reviews are like this but a lot are. They reaffirm that the Souls series' steep learning, and the satisfaction derived from meeting the challenge, are the reason that these games have such a cult following. It's also why the slightest hint at an Easy difficulty setting gets such angry responses. A Souls game that didn't brutalize you, these fans reason, wouldn't be a Souls game.

Dark Souls 2 launched on the PC on April 24th. Unlike the PC version of the first Dark Souls, DS2 isn't locked at a low resolution and frame rate. Players with higher-end PC's should see a dramatic visual improvement over the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions.

From Software claimed that Dark Souls 2 would have better keyboard and mouse support as well. Many of the negative Steam Reviews say that's not the case, though. You might want to invest in an Xbox 360 controller or other gamepad if you're planning to play on PC.

If you're struggling with Dark Souls 2, be sure to check out our tips guide.

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