The mid-week sale on Steam is none other than Vigil Games' Darksiders 2. For the next couple days, you'll be able to pick up the hack-and-slash game for $17, a discount of 66% from the usual price.

Darksiders 2 takes place at the same time as the events of the previous game. Players control Death, perhaps the most feared of the Four Horsemen. Death's brother War stands accused of a grave crime and it falls to him to clear his fellow Horsemen's name. He'll travel through realms both living and dead in order to complete his mission.

D2 features a deep customization system. Players will be able to outfit Death with a wide assortment of weapons and armor that alter his stats. Furthermore, Death will grow stronger over time as players spend points in his two skill trees.

The game offers amusements beyond your first play-through. A New Game+ mode lets you start over with all of your skills and equipment intact. In Crucible Mode, players must defeat waves of enemies for a chance to earn exclusive in-game rewards.

Darksiders 2's discount will last until Thursday at 4PM PST. Plenty of time, then, to check out our review and figure out whether the game's worth a purchase.

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