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IGG has officially wrapped betas for its sidescrolling turn-based MMORPG, Dawn of Darkness finally releasing the fantasy adventure through its own site and Facebook. If you’re looking for a classic RPG experience with nods to current trends, this might be the one to check out.

IGG, the folks responsible for such titles as Galaxy Online and Godswar Online, recently flung open the doors to its latest offering, launching free-to-play title Dawn of Darkness. As is the case with most of these types of games, Dawn of Darknss offers lots of social interaction in the form of communication and PvP battles, as well as the ability to purchase in-game gold. You don’t have to spend a dime on Dawn of Darkness, but doing so might make adventuring just a little bit easier with all of that extra gold to spend.

Here’s a brief rundown of the game direct from IGG: Set in the fantasy world of Asland, players are thrown into a realm where the forces of evil known as the Shadow Devils seek to destroy a delicate balance that has existed for generations. Salvation comes as you unite with a team of heroes. Dawn of Darkness utilizes a turn-based combat system that is simple to learn and master. Players have access to multiple battle formations and enchantment systems, which promote flexibility.

Dawn of Darkness comes with dozens of heroes in a variety of classes to choose from, giving the player the opportunity to fine-tune their party before heading into each battle.

You can check it out right now on Facebook, or directly through the game’s official website.

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