Sometimes it's important to take a break from fantasy-themed epic battles and celebrate the holidays. Then again, you if you're playing Dawn of Fantasy, you could just mix those two activities into a single bout of festive fighting.

Dawn of Fantasy, the massive multiplayer online real-time strategy game, gives players the chance to build their own armies and go to war in huge battles to defend their kingdom or, you know, just smite some of the neighboring enemies.

In order to get everyone into the holiday spirit, the developers have officially given the game a Christmas facelift, offering holiday decorations, events and music.

The Dawn of Fantasy Christmas Update kicks things off with a a brand new holiday-themed game interface, soundtrack, in-game Christmas decorations and even a special Ice Dragon to add to your forces. And what, exactly, do you have to do to add this ferocious beast to your battling ranks? Why, shovel snow, of course. Taking part in a special quest to shovel out the homelands following a massive winter storm will award players with the dreaded Ice Dragon, only available through this holiday promotion. He can breath ice on your enemies or even be used to halt encroaching fires. Coolness.

The Christmas promotion will only be running through Jan. 2, so you better jump in soon if you want to enjoy the festivities. For more information or to buy the game direct from the source, then visit the Dawn of Fantasy official website.

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