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The biggest social experiment in video games over the past ten years has strangely culminated into the mod-based, apocalyptic survival game from Arma 2 called DayZ. There's no game out there that tells stories like the ones found in DayZ, and a new video that starts off following a group of bandit hunters, turns into a completely different thing by the time it all wraps up.

While the video lasts for 15 minutes, it moves at a frighteningly brisk pace, with the lead character providing subtitled commentary to explain what's going on and why. The narrative starts heroic, jolly, even showing a sense of human patriotism for the few self-appointed law enforcers upholding a semblance of civility, and finding themselves morally guided to policing a world where there are no rules. However, all that humanistic pride doesn't last for very long.

I love how things unfold in a slow build of surmountable tension near the end of the bandit hunt...and the group we believe to be rooting for are then put into a completely different perspective. Do you even call the main character a hero or an anti-hero? Perhaps, even a villain? Who decides who deserves to live and die in a post-apocalyptic world where survival is key and killing before being killed is the only way to persevere?

It's a neat video, and one of the thousands out there for DayZ, a mod that seemingly just keeps on giving us food for thought more than a year after its initial alpha release.

Hopefully these little tidbits of video entertainment will keep us gamers – whose minds are an empty belly aching for the DayZ: Standalone – fed and nourished while we wait for Dean “Rocket” Hall to dribble out any additional information on the highly anticipated zombie survival game.

You can scramble, crawl or straggle on over to the official DayZ tumblr to keep an eye out for any new updates. DayZ: Standalone is set for release sometime this year and is currently undergoing a closed-circuit alpha test.

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