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It's an “alpher” folks, you get what they tell you you get. In that regards, welcome to DayZ: whether you're a vet or a newb, your character is gone and you'll have to start over. That's the life of living in an “alpher”, because the game is still in the early phase of development.

Blues was alerted by the post on the DayZ forums via IncGamers, where the thread commented about the wipe, saying...
Important updates like this WILL attract database wipes during the alpha process. We apologize for the inconvenience but I am sure everyone can agree, it is not fair to keep going with the bad data and some of the unfinished items were spawned in game - which could cause crashes and other issues thus confusing our alpha testing. Many people were experiencing crashes relating to these items that had been created in the game.

These sort of things are to be expected, as Bohemia Interactive and lead designer Dean “Rocket” Hall have been up front about the fact that the game is in an alpha state and will go through transitional states of brokenness at times.

The game is going through some deep phases of development, but also allowing the community access to the unfinished product to allow for feedback and early play testing. It's coming along nicely enough, insofar that the game's built-from-the-ground-up server/client infrastructure actually works quite nicely.

However, despite the new server/client setup being designed for security purposes and to keep hackers out, it was actually a security issue that “Rocket” and crew have identified that works as the impetus for the character wipe requirement.

The game has already made it onto the market in a big way, having a silent release that gained more than 88,000 users in less than half a day, and within its first day being fully on the market the game racked up more than 172,500 sales. The game came out earlier this week and conveniently, just in time for the final Steam Holiday Sale of the year.

You can pick up a digital copy of DayZ's standalone alpha right now, but be warned that it's in the Early Access program and that means more bugs, glitches and wipes just like the one we're recounting in this story.

Some might be wondering what the appeal is of a broken alpha game where you character progress gets wiped on top of the game using a perma-death game model. Well, DayZ is a zombie survival game. The story is the one you make for it. Other survivors are real life humans, so interaction is random and unpredictable. There is no set path or scripted setup for what becomes of your character, and all the vices and victories settled against a world gone mad fall to choices you make. It's most certainly the biggest video game social experiment of the generation.

Anyway, we'll keep you posted as the game continues to evolve and stabilize.

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