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DayZ Mod Now Available On Steam

It only took close to a year, but the Arma II mod of DayZ is now officially available on Steam. You no longer need complicated tools or workarounds to play the game, just a nice copy of Arma II: Combined Operations and you can install and play the mod to your heart's content...or until the DayZ standalone launches.

With the mod (not the standalone) now officially supported by Steam, it means that anyone who installs Arma II can easily and efficiently play the DayZ mod directly from the comfort of their Steam browser. No more Six Updater or all those other confusing methods of trying to get the game to run. Just install it, click on it from your library directory and have fun.

For those of you who don't know, the original DayZ mod is the game that helped make zombies and post-apocalyptic survival a fun and intense experience. The mod helped move millions of copies of Arma II, as gamers clamored to test out the mod for themselves and experience one of the most horrifying social experiments in interactive gaming.

DayZ has become somewhat of a phenomenon on YouTube thanks to players telling unique stories with their experiences and the success of the mod has prompted Bohemia Interactive to fully fund development of the standalone, which is currently undergoing the first phases of testing.

You can grab the DayZ mod right now, for free, via Steam.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.