Update: Bohemia has released DayZ standalone.

Original article: Well folks, it's on its way. Dean “Rocket” Hall has been silent for a great deal about the standalone of DayZ following the GamesCom showcase, but new information has surfaced thanks to the Steam database app, which shows that Bohemia recently updated the DayZ entry 22 hours ago, as of the publishing of this article.

Gaming Blend reader going by the handle Krobar tipped us off to the latest entry update by Bohemia. So what was updated? Early access of course.

As you'll see over on the SteamDB app page , DayZ now has an early access tag and is primed for a single purchase, which means it's a standalone away from the mod that's currently available on Steam at the moment.

What's more is that if you look at the apps section you'll see that the client icon and entry page data has been updated as recently as 13 hours ago, as of the publishing of this article.

Also, take a look at the section history on the app page: one of the main reasons this was kept so far under wraps was because it wasn't even called “DayZ” in Steam's database, but was labeled as a “Valve Test App” with an “Early Access” tag up until that aforementioned update that took place 22 hours ago.

Also, if you look at the data log entry for when the app was updated in Steam's database, you'll notice that the last change before the most recent one took place five months ago, roughly around the time when we had wrongly assumed that DayZ was going live during that following week. Though, given the fact that the entry in Steam's database was modified during that time when Rocket had hinted that the public alpha would be made available, it could be presumed that the team was nearing the public alpha as planned, but then ran into the server/client hurdle that held up development for so many months.

Now, the reader who tipped us off to this app update speculates a Halloween release for DayZ's early access. This may or may not be true, but it really does fit in well with the whole horror theme.

As for those who are probably asking the obvious question: How trustworthy is the Steam database application and how do you know this information is legit?

Fair question.

Let's go all the way back to February of this year, where some app entries in the SteamDB leaked, hinting at the following games coming to Steam:

· DayZ
· La-Mulana
· The Splatters
· Octodad: Dadliest Catch Beta
· Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition (Duke Nukem 3D+)
· Super House of Dead Ninjas
· Fez
· LucasArts Test App
· Fast and Furious 6
· Lococycle
· Yogventures!
· Hardware
· Hardware (Demo)
· The Hobbit
· Dyad
· Cut the Rope
· Shadow Warrior Complete
· Hardware (VIP)
· Hardware (Internal)
· Retro/Grade
· Resident Evil: Revelations
· Quantum Conundrum 2
· The Witness
· Angry Birds Space
· Angry Birds Seasons
· Second Life
· Walking Dead: Survival Instinct
· PayDay 2
· Age of Conan
· Anarchy Online
· Halo: Combat Evolved
· Halo 2
· Halo 3

Some of those games have not made the cut on Steam, yet. And while Microsoft denied that the Halo trilogy was coming to Steam, games like PayDay 2, Walking Dead, Resident Evil, King of Fighters XIII, both Angry Bird games, Fast & Furious, Fez and Shadow Warrior have launched on Steam, to name a few.

In other words, the SteamDB app is pretty darn accurate and whether some of those entries are merely for test purposes or optimization entries is anyone's guess, but the media silence from “Rocket” and the Bohemia crew would make sense that they were gearing up for a big Halloween roll out. Well, that's assuming pesky media folk didn't ruin the surprise for everyone.
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