Revolution System Games has announced that Decadence Home, Sweet Home has joined Steam's Greenlight service. The game, as indicated by the developer's introduction video, is an adventure RPG of sorts that combines the traveling and exploration of Elder Scrolls with the sort of immersive QTEs and characterization of Shenmue.

We don't get many games like Decadence, unless you want to count Fable...but yeah, we don't get many games like this and it's good to see Revolution System Games stepping outside the box with something completely different from all the other games out there, or at least trying to capture a little of what made Shenmue original.

The post apocalyptic setting and art-style seems reminiscent of the other indie title, Kenshi. I like the 3D-cartoon look that the game has, as it at least attempts to separate itself from a lot of the greyish military-style games out there.

Whether or not this game will actually finish its development cycle or if it'll become vaporware remains to be seen, but giving this game and RSG support on Steam's Greenlight is a great way to at least give the developers a morale boost to keep up the work and hopefully get the game finished and out there for the public.

You can learn more by visiting the Official Steam Greenlight Page.

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