Deer are beautiful, majestic creatures, and their heads belong firmly mounted above your fireplace. But if you’re not in the mood to stalk out into the actual wilderness and do harm to an actual living, breathing creature, then maybe you’ll like simulating such activities in a virtual environment. Thankfully, Deer Hunter Online has you covered, and it is now available through Facebook.

Atari, 6waves and Galaxy Pest Control have joined forces on this effort, bringing the 3D hunting adventure of Deer Hunter Online to everyone’s favorite social media site. Now you can mow down bucks aplenty and share your trophies online, all without ever having to fire an actual gun/bow.

You can check out Deer Hunter Online for yourself by logging into Facebook and heading over to the game’s official page. From there, you’ll be able to create your own character, upgrade their abilities and equipment, and hunt a wide variety of critters. You’ll also be able to unlock in-game achievements and compete with friends to bring home the biggest buck.

Game environments range from the snowy mountains of Alaska to the dry-as-hell hills of Arizona. Deer Hunter Online also features a wide array of weapons, ammunition and hunting accessories, as well as game ranging from deer, and elk, to moose and caribou.

Deer Hunter Online is free-to-play but, like most of these types of games, players are also free to pay some real world cash in order to grab better gear and upgrades with a quickness. To get the most out Deer Hunter Online, however, you will probably want to head on over to Amazon in order to download the Bambi soundtrack to listen to while playing the game.

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