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Bungie is celebrating the holidays with some special giveaways leading up to and through the new year. The new content will be handed out to players as they participate in events between January 7th and January 10th to receive an emblem, in addition to some strange coins and 15 emotes of light.

IGN notes that over on the Bungie website, they revealed that those who have been participating in Destiny events will receive 15 strange coins that can be used with the trader Xur. The coins are hard to come by and require completing specific events throughout Bungie's first-person shooter in order to obtain them. In addition to the 15 strange coins, Bungie is also handing out 15 emotes of light. Those will be handed out on January 7th, 2016.

Additionally, if you log in between January 7th and January 10th, you'll be able to receive an exclusive emblem. They don't say what the emblem is as it hasn't been revealed...yet.

The rest of the post is about one of the few truly exciting additions to Destiny: The Sparrow Racing League.

They picked their best accolade trailer from the community, a Sparrow Racing League music video from YouTuber Autumnatic. You can check out the music video below.

The video features Rihanna's “Shut up and Drive” and is a collage of in-game clips and the original cinematic Bungie let loose for the game when they first announced that the Sparrow Racing League was coming to Destiny.

The only drawback to the machinima that people make for Destiny is that you can't use fancy-cams like in many other PC games or in Halo, which allows for spectators. They need a really snazzy spectator mode so people can get some TV-style footage to put together machinima that looks like it comes right out of Star Wars: Episode I.

Anyway, I would gather that the Sparrow Racing League has been somewhat successful for Bungie. It was a real risk but it comes at a time when futuristic, combat racers are in serious short supply. In fact, outside of Destiny's limited time racing event, the only other game that came out this fall that was a futuristic racer for home consoles was Shin'en Multimedia's Fast Racing Neo for the Wii U.

So Bungie is definitely filling a void that other companies have been neglecting for quite some time. I imagine the Sparrow Racing League will continue to be a bright spot in Destiny's repertoire of content.

For now, though, you can look forward to gratis goodiess when Bungie starts handing out free strange coins and light during the first week of January. IGN suggests that that the best way to ensure that you become eligible is to complete at least one event during January 7th and January 10th to ensure that your player profile activity is logged.