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In case you’re the type of Guardian who likes to know a bit more about your foe before unloading a bunch of rounds from Thorn into his face, Bungie has you covered with a pair of new Destiny trailers that give some fresh insight into your new enemy in the upcoming The Taken King Expansion, as well as the folks who will be gunning to take him down.

While the rest of the Bungie team is away at Gamescom this week and giving European gamers a chance to go hands on with PvP modes from the next big expansion, Community Manager Cozmo is holding down the fort in the States, dishing out fresh details in the Bungie Weekly Update and even providing a look at a couple of new trailers from the show floor.

“It’s been another busy week here as we fortify our positions in preparation for the arrival of Oryx,” Cozmo said, referring to the titular “Taken King” and his vendetta against the Guardians who killed his son, Crota, in the first Destiny expansion, The Dark Below. “DeeJ and Urk have journeyed overseas to Gamescom with a full team of Bungie developers and tech ninjas. Their mission: Sound a warning about The Taken King.”

That warning took the form of a pair of trailers, the first of which is a Prologue Cinematic trailer that puts you face to face with Oryx himself.

From a couple sweeping views of Oryx’s ship, The Dreadnaught, and a brief look at the sinister King and his minions, we get the idea that dark days are coming for the Traveler and the folks who fight to restore light to the galaxy.

Speaking of those Hunters, Titans and Warlocks who will serve as humanity’s last line of defense against the invading alien force, Bungie released a second trailer at Gamescom this week called “We Are Guardians.” This one is decidedly more encouraging than the grim look at Oryx, reminding us that a handful of dedicated warriors can work miracles in Destiny.

As we’ve discussed in previous updates, Oryx has the ability to bend other creatures to his will, meaning players will be tackling a brand new selection of baddies that are basically souped-up versions of the Fallen, Hive and Kabal enemies you’ve come to know and love (shooting).

To get the job done, players will have to learn new abilities and break out some fresh weaponry, which will help level the playing field against this new and sinister threat.

Get ready to dive into all of that when The Taken King launches on Sept. 15.

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