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Blizzard has implemented the latest major patch for action RPG Diablo 3. The patch brings new gameplay content in the form of a mystical device called the Infernal Machine.

The Infernal Machine must be constructed by parts found throughout Inferno difficulty. After you've built the machine, you can use it to create a portal to new "uber" challenges. Players will have to fight two bosses from D3 at once.

Each time you defeat one of these special encounters, you have a chance at gaining components for a new Legendary item. The Hellfire Ring provides a hefty bonus of Strength, Intellect, Dexterity or Vitality, and has a chance to unleash a fireball when you attack. It's a bind-on-account item so you won't be able to use it and then sell it to someone else. To find out more about making the Hellfire Ring or the Infernal Machine, check out our guide.

A new Monster Power feature, meanwhile, gives players the ability to fine-tune the game's difficulty. Players will be able to adjust the health and damage of monsters. The higher the "power level" of the game is, the better your rewards will be. Monster Power will be available as early as level 1.

The patch rebalances each of the five classes in the game as well. Barbarian's Battle Rag now lasts a whopping 120 seconds instead of the usual 30, while Wizard's Archon: Slow ability has been doubled in effectiveness. The full list of balance changes, along with the other patch notes, can be found on the Battle.net forums.