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Blizzard is keeping the patches rolling out for Diablo 3 and they continue to add all new features and upgrades to the game that completely alter the way it's played (usually for the better). The latest patch, 2.3.0, brings a game-changing item to the table known as Kanai's Cube.

The details on Kanai's Cube were rolled out during the changelog for patch 2.3.0 over on the official website. There are a number of features, changes and alterations to Diablo 3 in this latest patch but the cube stands out the most because of what players are capable of doing with it.

If you're so lucky as to acquire this rare artisan artifact, it will enable you to extract legendary power from items and add it to your character. It also allows you to reforge legendary items – this ability effectively re-rolls a legendary item you acquired with all new stats. Reforging legendary items is a huge game-changer because it can easily make a legendary item even more effective (or less effective) for the player-character.

Additionally Kanai's Cube enables players to convert gems, convert crafting material – this includes normal mats, magic mats and rare mats. Level caps can also be removed from items, so a player of any level can equip the weapon. How awesome is that?

But that's not all! This Kanai's Cube also allows players to take a level 70 rare item and forge it into a legendary item. Now that is wicked. A lot of these features are natural upgrades from Horadic Cube in Diablo 2, just taken to the next level since the Kanai's Cube is the originator from which the Horadic Cube was spawned. So there's even some lore attached to this overpowered artifact.

I imagine the denizens of Diablo 3 will really want to get their hands on this item at all costs. But the Kanai's Cube isn't the only thing that was modified in patch 2.3.0. The crafting system has also been upgraded, allowing for easier and more fluid crafting as players level up their character throughout the game.

The adventure mode has also been upgraded with additional bonus rewards for Bounties now that the Realm of Trials has been removed and there is a bonus Horadric Cache to be earned after completing the bonus acts in the standard adventure mode.

A number of fixes and accessibility features have also been added to Diablo 3, including making it easier for players to attach skills to classes with a few easy clicks. This also accompanies some balancing for each character class, both with the passives and active skills, making them more evenhanded in how they dish out damage with certain skills as well as how they absorb damage.

The Witch Doctor probably received the most tender love and care from the good folks at Blizzard given all the slight modifications that the character has undergone in this latest patch update.

There is almost a novel's worth of changes and alterations made in patch 2.3.0 for Diablo 3 so if you want to check out all the upgrades, tweaks and modifications you can do so right now by heading on over to the official website.

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