Diablo 3 players can make some serious progress on their characters this weekend. Blizzard is cranking up the experience point gains by 50% from Friday to Monday.

The bonus weekend is a celebration of the game's revival thanks to Reaper of Souls's launch. The expansion pack sold over 2.7 million copies from March 25th to April 1st. Players have beaten Malthael, the final boss of the expansion, over 1.5 million times. At least one player's beaten him on the highest possibility difficulty level.

"This bonus XP period begins in the Americas region tonight, April 4 at 5:00 p.m. PDT and ends on Monday, April 7 at 5:00 a.m. PDT," Blizzard said on the Battle.net blog. "Thank you so much for being a hero of Sanctuary. We hope you have fun this weekend, and we'll see you in Westmarch!"

While the XP event is a celebration of Reaper of Souls' launch, the wording of Blizzard's announcement suggests you can get the bonus gains even if you don't own the expansion. Blizzard assumes that getting you to jump back into the game after an extended hiatus makes you more likely to buy Reaper. That's not a bad bet on their part.

Reaper of Souls adds a fifth act to the action RPG's campaign. Players will travel to new locations including Pandemonium and the Blood Marsh. Once you've beaten Malthael, you'll unlock Adventure Mode. This mode offers players randomized quests and dungeons located throughout the world of Sanctuary.

The expansion pack also introduces the Crusader, a brand new class. The Crusader is similar to the Paladin from Diablo 2: they have heavy armor and use Holy magic for protection and destruction. If you'd rather play your old character from "vanilla" Diablo 3, you have new abilities to look forward to. You can advance your character to the new level cap of 70.

Blizzard released a major patch right before Reaper of Souls to enhance the new content. The Paragon 2.0 system lets you earn bonuses across your account once you hit level cap with one character. Blizzard also revised the loot drops in the game so that players received fewer, more meaningful drops. You'll find more rare and legendary loot and there's a better chance it will be suited to your level and class.

For more information on the expansion, be sure to check out my review from last week.

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