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Blizzard Entertainment and Sideshow Collectibles have teamed up for another high-quality gaming collectible. They've unveiled a hand-painted, polystone statue of Diablo, the Lord of Terror, that will cost $350.

The piece was sculpted by Brian Fay, the fella responsible for the Arthas statue from earlier in the year. The statue is based on the more feminine Diablo 3 incarnation of the Lord of Terror, rather than the demonic T-Rex look he had in the previous games. It stands at a mere 22 inches tall, making it sort of adorable in spite of its inherent evil.

Sideshow will sell a limited number of the statues. Each will come with a unique edition number. Sideshow hasn't announced the exact amount they'll produce. They made about 3000 of the Arthas statue, though, so I'd expect a comparable amount for the Diablo sculpture.

The statue is expected to ship in Spring 2013. If you're planning to pre-order, head to Sideshow's online store.