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OG Planet announced today that Dizzel is currently available on Steam's Early Access platform. The third-person shooter has been on a long road toward release and it's finally happened. In becoming available to wide audience, OG Planet wanted to giveaway some free promotional goods for Dizzel, including a free FN-P90 assault rifle.

Dizzel is an eight-on-eight, third-person competitive shooter. It certainly shares some similarities to En Masse Entertainment's recently released Zombies, Monsters, Robots, but Dizzel is more of a traditional PvP style of game where-as ZMR aims to be more over-the-top. Both games are free-to-play and were originally released over in Asia (ZMR was actually at one point known as Mercenary Ops before undergoing a slight change in name and a different focus on how the content would be portrayed).

Years ago Dizzel was announced using the Vision Engine and sporting a more Gears of War-style approach to its design and promotion. However, after a while the game faded from view only to pop up again under the OG Planet label.

After going through the open-beta phase and giving away a free assault rifle back in late June, OG Planet has decided to try their luck again at bringing in some new members for the free-to-play shooter by giving away a free FN-90 assault rifle.

As mentioned in the press release...
“Dizzel's Early Access launch will be accompanied with a variety of new in-game content and events for both new and existing players to enjoy. Featuring 5 new maps, multiple new weapons, armor and gear, players will have more than enough content to unleash carnage on their enemies with a merciless onslaught of bullets and metal. “

The Early Access launch of the game also comes with the first playable female in the game, as players will be able to customize and deck out the two different gender avatars.

The game features a lot of the same kind of stuff you would expect from a Gears of War clone, including wall-hugging, blind-fire, melee attacks and even fatalities for downed opponents.

But you probably came to get the free FN-P90 so the free FN-P90 is what you shall get. Simply follow the steps below in order to gain access to the free gun.

Redemption Instructions:
1. Sign Up for your FREE OGPlanet account
2. Download the Dizzel Installer
3. Once Dizzel is installed, login to the game and create your character
4. Head To Gaming Blend's Facebook Page to get a key code
5. Go to Dizzel’s Redemption Page and enter your key code
6. Check your in-game “Storage” to add your items to your inventory

Only one FN-P90 will be available per OG Planet account. You will need a character created in order to retrieve the weapon. All of the key codes to get a free FN-P90 will expire on December 31st, 2014. So work fast.

Dizzel is currently available on Steam's Early Access platform right now and can be played either through the Steam client or by downloading the OG Planet client from their website.

If you want to give Dizzel a test run or get your hands on a free FN-P90, feel free to learn more about the game by paying a visit to the official website.

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