There’s nothing like some good ‘ole fashioned politically correct mud-slinging to go around. Gamers must be proud that gaming culture has evolved enough over the years in the public eye to warrant attention from animal rights activists who seemingly have nothing better to do with their time.

Game Politics is reporting that the piss-poor mobile game, Dog Wars, made in the same vein as that equally piss-poor Facebook game, Mafia Wars, has been hacked by animal rights activists with a text Trojan that sends a message to all your mobile phone contacts saying "I take pleasure in hurting small animals, just thought you should know that."

Google had the app removed from the Android store back in April and for good reason (the whole piss poor thing being the reason). However, according to the report, third-party websites have been hosting Dog Wars for mobile phone users to download. Although when some users went to download the app they were hit with a nasty surprise from the animal rights activists' Trojan virus, which would send the aforementioned message to every contact in your mobile phone contact list.

But let’s get a few things clear before going any further: First of all, Dog Wars for the Android is crap. Anyone who paid money to play the game while it was still on the app store punished themselves enough for having paid for such crap. Second of all, anyone stupid enough to go to a third party website to download the game probably deserved to get the Trojan virus. Third, what is up with animal rights activists where they would have to go out of their way to implement a virus into such a terrible game? Apparently they don’t know that the only people trying to download the game was Michael Vick and his friends, and no one cares about Michael Vick.

Anyway, if you really need some dog fighting action and you’re into the whole text-based, clickety-click style game you may want to avoid Dog Wars since it’s now plagued with an animal rights Trojan horse virus. Just thought you should kow.

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