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MOBA games can be very intimidating to newcomers. Valve is hoping to make the learning curve a bit easier for Dota 2. They've implemented a new feature called Hero Builds to let players share tips.

In Dota 2, players take on the role of hero units that grow in power as the match proceeds. Hero Builds are plans for progressing these units. You can specify what items and abilities to acquire and when.

Players can create these guides between matches and then pull them up in-game by opening the Hero Build Panel. They can also publish them so that other players can check them out. The builds can even be embedded in larger Steam Guides.

The latest update for Dota 2 also updates Team Matchmaking. Team Matchmaking, released two weeks ago, allows players to form squads with friends and queue up together. With this new patch, players will be able to join 10 teams instead of just one.

You can expect other tweaks to the game in this update as well. Dead Prophet and Necrolyte bots' behavior have been refined. Random loot drops now include several more items. The full change log is here.