There are a couple of interesting new games now available on Steam's Greenlight service looking to get a few up-votes and favorites from the Steam user community. The games have arrived following Valve's recent green-lighting of 75 more indie games that were previously in the service.

Following on Valve's 75 titles being greenlit, the games featured in this list are a mix of unique and creative titles that aim to push boundaries one way or another, including titles like Get Even, which is pictured above, or Downfall, a Dead Space-style third-person shooter that aims to bring on horror and exploration in an interesting new way. Check out the brief list of games below and on the following pages.

Here's Dead Space's little brother. While the future of the Dead Space franchise is uncertain, this game offers players a third-person, action-horror experience as you play a monitor-head mercenary. No really, your character has a stapled-on monitor for a head. I don't know how well the main protagonist will go over with other players, but the atmosphere and visual art direction is somewhat impressive for a small indie title. If the game looks like it's your kind of thing, feel free to check out more of it by paying a visit to the Official Greenlight Page.

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