Aeria Games has announced their latest free-to-play MMORPG, Dragon Knights. The game is another medieval fantasy game that seems to focus slightly more on the action-oriented aspects of playing MMOs, or at least that's how the game is depicted in the new closed-beta trailer.

Executive Producer Spencer Tucker mentioned in the press release that...
“Dragon Knights immerses players in a vibrant and violent fantasy world which is designed to encourage a multitude of ways for players to fight with each other,”...“Core players will enjoy a rich MMORPG experience packed with PvP combat, large scale guild battles, and even a political system where they can get elected to positions of power.”

If the very brief, generalized uninformative description of the game so far has tingled your taste buds for MMO action-packed adventuring, then you might want to check out the game in action with the new trailer below.

The story revolves around a banished evil lord named Dragon Kharveg. Players will take on the role of a Dragon Knight to thwart the rise of Kharveg who is mustering forces to take over the land.

One of the neat highlights of the game is on the PvP combat. Apparently the game takes guild versus guild battles to the next step, enabling sieges of towns and castles to take place. The real trick is that sieges will require defending guilds to keep the intruders out of the city/castle/town while the attacking guild has to try to infiltrate with as many forces as possible, ala Mount & Blade.

You can learn more about Dragon Knights or sign-up for the CBT by paying a visit to the Official Website.

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