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When we talk about next-gen gameplay, rarely ever do we do so with “MMO” being the centerpiece genre of the discussion. However, in this case, Dragon Sword is a true next-gen MMO that also happens to be a true next-gen game by every definition of the phrase, housing some of the most intuitive and remarkable upgrades in a combat-based environment.

NetEase is developing a remarkable new MMO that sports a vastly different take on the combat system. While initially many gamers were impressed with devCat's Vindictus, you'll be uber-impressed with what NetEase brings to the table after you watch the trailer below, courtesy of MMOGames.

Okay, there's a few things worth discussing: the muscular-physics system is pretty amazing, which gives the game a much more intuitive flow to the combat. It should make it easier to both gauge how a character will react and how to react to that character's reaction based on the way they respond to hits, attacks and special moves. This system was used in EA Sports' later Fight Night games, and it gave the titles a very technical, intense feeling to each fight as it felt a lot more real and visceral.

The manual combo system is another really neat touch, giving players a great sense of ownership when it comes to building up skills and classes. Whether or not this game will as fun as say, RaiderZ remains to be seen but so far they're off to a great start.