One of the most epic games ever designed will be arriving for mobile devices soon. Digital Harmony's Dragons Vs Unicorns will bring action-oriented, tower-defense gameplay to iOS that pits the minions of dragons against the minions of unicorns all while both sides try to kill each other. Good stuff.

Thumbr will be publishing the title for mobile handsets, and the game itself will initially be free-to-play. Players will take part in more than 40 different levels across five different game worlds, utilizing intense arcade gameplay with a hint of strategic unit deployment. You can check the game out in the new teaser trailer below.

It's a little unfortunate that we don't get to see the gameplay on display in the above teaser, but...oh wait, you can see the game in action in this trailer here. Check it out.

Talk about an epic battleground.

If you're completely sold on dragons and unicorns fighting to the death and you're a little bit curious how unicorns will be able to defeat the fire-breathing dragons, don't sweat it. Dragons Vs Unicorns will be releasing soon enough and then you'll be able to play through the very question that has stumped man for eons: Who is stronger, who is more deadly...who would win between a dragon and a unicorn?

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