The biggest showdown in universal greatness is nearly upon us. Dragons will finally get to face off against their arch-nemesis...Unicorns. To give gamers a taste of this unearthly showdown a new debut trailer was released and it's probably not what you were expecting.

Without spoiling too much of the video I'm going to just say that the dragons and the unicorns battle in a very odd way and, as mentioned, it's not quite what you would expect. Check it out below.

Dang. Now was that hardcore or what? Decapitations, mutilations, limbs flying everywhere...a turtle becomes a quadriplegic, a rabbit and bat work as suicide bombers, I

We all knew the battle between unicorns and dragons would be epic, but I don't think anyone expected a cat to go all UFC on a turtle or for the dragon to call in suicide radio bombers.

You can learn more about the ultimate showdown between the two biggest, baddest mofos this side of the galaxy by paying a kind visit to Digital Harmony's Official Website.

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