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Yager may have a hit rough patch with Spec Ops: The Line – not necessarily because it was a bad game but because it didn't sell quite as well as it could have, and because 2K wanted them to focus on multiplayer instead of further fleshing out the single-player gameplay – but they're back and in the trenches with their latest title, Dreadnought. The team released a new five minute video of the battle-cruiser based multiplayer deathmatch game, where players will hop into the cockpit of a dreadnaught-class starfighter and do battle with other players in spacious deathmatch arenas.

If the description instantly turned you off, you probably came in here expecting Star Fox, eh? No worries. For those of you who were looking for something akin to Star Citizen but a bit more gun-heavy and gung-ho, Dreadnought appears to be a nice little alternative, since it's free-to-play and seemingly based around quick team battles for people who just want to hop in and get into the action.

I like the premise of this game – when it was first announced I thought the whole idea of a game focusing around dreadnaught-class destroyers and capital ships was a grand idea. Yager definitely delivers on the action front, providing gamers with consistent action sprawled across the spacious and tactically-unique battlefields.

However, my biggest issues with the game come in the form of two points: The first is the ship explosions. Those explosions are unbearably weak. Giant ships going up in a puff of fiery smoke and brimstone? That's it? No, no, no. They need to go down like the massive-sized battle-cruisers that they are. Hopefully the team expands on the destruction animations so you see the ships crumple and fall out of the sky in an explosive heap, similar to in the movie Starship Troopers or Star Wars: Episode 3.

The second big problem is the damage system; it's just not visual enough and not strategic enough. I'm seeing giant ships blast each other out of the sky but there's no methodology to the madness; it's just a spam fest. A few people noted that they would much rather prefer the game if it were like Star Citizen, where you can damage certain systems that affect the way the ship behaves, which makes a ton of sense to me. Instead, players just do some damage and then back out of a fight until the life of the ship recharges, which is such a shame. It would have been pretty awesome if manual repairing was present with micromanagement. Could you imagine having to hire a right proper crew to keep your ship maintained on the inside and out?

I think the arcade elements could be the game's downfall. Playing around in giant ships usually take most of the appeal from being in control of a giant planet-wrecker, while also taking pleasure in the fact that these massive flying tanks aren't supposed to go down with just a few laser blasts and torpedo hits.

I think Dreadnought has a lot of promise but ultimately this game is aimed at a more casual audience, and I'm not quite sure that casuals will be the ones to keep a free-to-play deathmatch title alive.

Anyway, you can learn more about Dreadnought by paying a visit to the game's official website.

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